When no one notices your small business

It takes a lot of nerve to say you are a small business owner.

Much less a writer.

Most people will tell you, “Get a real job.”

Or you’ll meet that customer who leads you on just to have a sick sense of contentment at the last minute to say, “I won’t be needing your services anymore.”

Before Picasso was Picasso, did anyone take much notice to him? Actually, he was known from an early age. His art would change the world.

How about George Washington Carver who drew of plants and the natural world. That start proved to be a stepping stone to finding hundreds of uses for peanuts.

If you work steady at something and put all you have into it, you have no choice but to master it.

You gotta get up everyday that there is breath in you to work at your craft.

A love for words.

You really have to be passionately in love with words to be a writer.

Enough to lose sleep.

Enough to challenge the status quo.

Enough to not have a career.

Enough to not have clients.

Enough to write.

Word Grip Action Copywriting Service may go unnoticed.

It may not grab the attention of many on the internet.

Yet, everyday unknown by most, a writer lives.

A writer who just wants to write.


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I’ve had training as a graphic artist. Now I’ve had training as a copywriter.

These past two years have been rough with temp. jobs that involved very little writing.

When my resume states training with American Writers & Artists, Inc. I expect that some of my work duties will include writing. I don’t mind a position that involves admistrative tasks. Variety in tasks keeps my boredom level very low. Sitting at home to write all day can only produce flat or uninspired writing.

Writing comes from living.

I project that within the next 30 days, I will be working on a paid work project that involves writing.

I am not going to let my copywriting training get sidelined like I did with my graphic arts training. Writing, well this is it for me. Nothing else will do.

We must speak into existence all that is not currently present. Writing means that much more to me.

It’s no longer possible to be a starving artist. Excel at your craft and fair compensation will certainly follow.

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